Constantine_Sol Invictus

Constantine had a beloved son and killed this beloved son.

Constantine had a wife; he killed her, too.

Constantine had a favorite sister; he killed her husband and son.

Constantine had another sister; he killed her but he may or may have had an excuse.

Constantine built a Church and the Church made him a saint.

When I decided to rewrite the origin of my fertility cult; I took aim at the divisions within Constantine’s family. What if the family split into different faiths? Constantine’s favorite sister did prefer the teachings of Arius over Constantine’s core group. Did some remain pagan? Most of the family probably made their choices for political reasons. Saint Constance, Constantine’s eldest daughter, had a less than saintly reputation and had an incestuous marriage with her uncle. Why does the Catholic Church venerate her?

Christianity long before Constantine and the Roman Catholic Church. The core message in Christianity is pure, but the manipulations by man is not. Other religions share this problem. People use religion for political power. Individual belief can be healthy and small churches add social connection but large religions only cause harm.


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