The Mandaeans follow the teachings of John the Baptist and those teachings are Gnostic. This obscure religion does not follow Jesus, but they may hint to Christianity before Constantine. If John the Baptist was gnostic; what does that say about Christ? Gnosticism is much more compatible with Eastern and mysticism-based religions. Would we have a more peaceful and balanced world, if Constantine chose Gnosticism over Catholicism?

Religious divide is the topic I’m contemplating. What can people agree upon? The metaphysics of Gnosticism is not physics, but it does observer natural law. Constantine’s Catholicism led to the dark ages and made earth the center of the universe. In the Hellenic view of Paganism, the earth circled the sun; while, Catholicism persecuted people who spoke what we all see now, as true. Gnosticism probably would have accepted Helios (the sun) as the center of our solar system.

Catholicism makes man the center of the universe; Gnosticism is not so vain.