Constantine killed his sister, Anastasia, and her name means resurrection; which, fits in my fertility motif. Persephone is the classic fertility goddess who goes to the underworld and is resurrected back again. The Pagan world died a slow death after Constantine chose to make Christianity the official religion, so I use Anastasia’s death for symbolic reasons.

Constantine cast away his first wife, Minervina, and I use her a symbol for the complementary pairs of Valentinian Gnosticism; her name is derived from Minerva who corresponds to the Gnostic Sofia, both are wisdom goddesses. I may use Constantine’s mother who may have influenced Constantine’s thoughts on Christianity and she was cast aside by Constantine’s father, so I have another possible Gnostic connection. It is also possible she came from the land of Brigid’s Cross; which, may be of use.

My choice to represent Catholicism may go to Constantine’s daughter, Constantine, who is known as Saint Constance–who was no saint. This is a critical time period for Pagans, Gnostic Christianity, and Catholicism. I’m still debating how and If I will connect to other time periods. Catholicism was and is a religion designed for dictators. Gnosticism may have been the original form of Christianity and may have created a more peaceful world.


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