We have ample evidence, religious groups can do horrible things. What happened to Hypatia is one of those things. Hypatia taught astronomy, mathematics, and philosophy to both Pagans and Christians, but I’m betting the Gnostic Christians were the ones who saw her as symbol of virtue.

Hypatia’s death, in some ways, led to the end of the Roman Empire. The Popes were becoming the idiotic center of the universe. A Christian mob killed Hypatia because she saw the sun as the center of the universe; they didn’t recognize solar systems, galaxies, and universes, as we do today.

The Roman Catholic Church could have escaped blame for regional reasons but by making Cyril the Bishop of Alexandria; a saint, the Vatican endorsed the flaying death of Hypatia. The Church can also take blame for condemning the view that the earth rotated around the sun.

Hypatia studied celestial bodies and we do not know her personal religious beliefs. Gnostic Christians favor knowledge and wisdom, so they would see Hypatia as the saint and Bishop Cyril as the evil doer. I differentiate Christian groups and this plays a role in my novel. Gnostic sects of Christianity did not conflict with Pagan groups and the Gnostics favored science.

Agora is a Spanish film; which, depicts this period in time. The name comes from the gathering place; in which, the events took place.

Technically Hypatia was not crucified; she was flayed; the Christian mob peeled off her skin with oyster shells.


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