Not many women made a name for themselves, during the middle ages; Azalais de Porcairagues is little more than a footnote. For my purposes, she is interesting because she most likely fits the courtesan class. Azalais lived and wrote poems about Gui Guerrejat, so we can assume she served as his mistress at some point.

This image of her makes you wonder, her ethnicity; she’s supposed to be a French woman from medieval times. Wandering minstrels take a lot of sun and for all we know, the coloring may say more about the artist than the subject. Raimbaut of Orange, another troubadour looks almost as dark on his page and he most likely had the typical coloring of Frenchmen. Raimbaut  is the source; by which, we know Azalais.

There has always been a free spirit class of artists that never saw sex as sinful.The Church was antagonistic toward these people, but they were impossible to eradicate. Noblemen had a special like for such women. I write about a fiction fertility cult, but artistic cults come close enough.