FlaFest, (pronounced as fluff-fest) is the name of my fictional festival devoted to Adaptation. The name of my fictional festival has changed a few times; my last draft devoted the festival to Doris Wishman and other B-movie makers, who filmed in Florida. Changes to my cult origins had me thinking about going back to my original idea; a literacy festival where people come to hawk their books. Another idea has popped into my head and it combines the two

If you have watched the film Adaptation, you know it is primarily about adapting a book, The Orchid Thief, to a screenplay. Susan Orlean adapted her article for the New Yorker to create a Non-Fiction book then Charlie Kaufman was hired to adapt the book for film. The book is half fit for a documentary, so Kaufman had a problem. Orlean may had a similar problem when  she decided to expand the story. Both writers wrote about themselves and the difficulty in adapting the previous version of the story.

We don’t know if Orlean had real romantic notions with the character; we know as, the orchid thief–John Laroche. The book makes hints, but it may have been artistic license at work to make a story. Orlean said the script scared her and I see why; I’m sure she didn’t want people to mix fiction with reality.

Back to my festival, I created an oddball festival and this is an oddball movie. I needed a costumed carnival and the horrors that the literary industry might inflict upon me inspired thoughts of literary agents in devil dress. Mixing the Sundance Film  Festival with Fantasy Fest,  in Key West, seemed interesting. Calling it the Film and Literature Adaption Festival is somewhat awkward, but the fluff fest joke makes it work for me. Some will peddle fluff and some will just fluff, but what do you expect in the entertainment industry.

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