When I first saw the Parabiago Plate, I saw performances taking place in the Mystery Cults. I can’t say, any of the cults did this particular reenactment, but I’m sure they did something similar. I envy animators for their ability to bring an inanimate object to life. A video would be easier.

In the chapter, I last rewrote, an all dwarf band takes the stage. On the plate, the dwarves bear fruits, but my chapter has them giving the gift of music. If I did a video, for the chapter I would substitute women for the eunuchs because I’m not into castrating guys. A feminist producer may see things differently; I probably should look at the small print before I sign over any rights.

The lovers should stage a ballet; she should arrive in veils. My visions about the cults differ from the plate, in the area of the cornucopia. I’m happy with the ‘horn of plenty””’ symbol, but my vision is trickier.


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