Simplifying your literary work to a blurb or a simple visual image is difficult and related. The visual may help with marketing, but making the visual image may help in creating a better blurb.I see it as a way to reëxamine the focal points.

I keep using the Parabiago plate because it makes a good starting point. The two lovers, on the original plate may represent Demeter and Iasion; if  this plate depicts the birth of Zeus. Flora (Chloris) and Zephyr are another possibility and my preferred choice.

Rhea’s (Magna Mater) chariot takes up too much room on the plate, for my purpose, but I may use another shape—a mask shape. Other sections will change, but the Karpoi (the Fruits) and their offerings are a great depiction. The right side and the top of the plate have less to offer and I will probably use other symbols.

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