Anyone familiar with Neil Gaiman’s novel, American Gods, should be able to puzzle out why I put Walt Disney and The Seven Dwarfs, in this class. Gaiman mixed trivia with Mythology, as do I.

The castration and musical theme of the Kouretes parallels gay cabaret, in a way. The Birdcage was filmed in South Florida. so the movie merges my local theme with the Castrati theme.

Florida links to Flora, the goddess of spring and we have a city named after Zephyr, so they work well in my puzzle.

I often call the cult, in my novel, a fertility cult; sometimes I see it as a sex cult, but you can also call it an ancestral cult. The marriage of Isis and Serapis works well as a link to the much older gods.

I tried to express in my last post, Making My Own Plate, that this is somewhat of a writing exercise. What did I learn? I suspect one or two allusions to The Birdcage will be made. I may use ancestral cult more often.

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