Book Withdrawal

What do you do when you finish writing your book? The query process to agents is depressing and I’m not even certain about the benefits of an agent. I sent two query letters out  and  I suspect I botched the one using an electronic form. Many have shown examples of query letters, but they entail emails or email. the agencies with electronic forms confuse the styling. Thinking about the book industry—kills my spirit. Starting the new book started up my heart, but when I went back to examining the publishing process—my heart dipped again.


The Reasoning For New Editions

When you write a book or a screenplay for the first time; you learn a lot. In my last post, I wrote about the oddity of preludes. In a linear world, you expect the story to cam in chronological order. My mind laughs a the linear aspects of time. Memories bring all thoughts to the present and you can use those thoughts on the past to predict the future. One thing I’ve learned is a book never finishes for me. I woke up with an idea for a line to install in the first chapter.

If I’m still living ten years from now, I suspect ideas will still pop into my head. Feedback from readers would probably inspire changes. The electronic format makes the  concept of further editions; even more, feasible. I don’t have a true first edition until I publish, but I consider the book—sort of finished. I’m just not sure if I will ever move past the ‘sort of finished’ mindset.

Why The Prelude Comes Second


If I didn’t write the first novel; I would have no basis for a prelude. This concept seems odd, but the concept of my original novel evolved. I did not begin with a cult, but the idea came early and grew from there. The cult; now, drives the novel. Incidents from the recent past are mentioned, but a prequel expanding on the events sounds interesting.

I began the prequel and the process is easier. Outlining the novel seems feasible this time. One of my posts dismisses the use of outlines, but once you have a formula then an outline is possible. Writing a couple of chapters before the outline still seems to be a good idea. A prequel has an established end and a probable start, so these are the chapters you need in your head before you flesh out the rest.

I will query agents while I write this second book and will hold off on independent publishing. I can’t edit the first novel any further without professional assistance, due to burnout. An agent could give me such assistance, but if my query letters fail, then the prequel will give me a different perspective for a while and may help in perfecting my first novel.