When you write a book or a screenplay for the first time; you learn a lot. In my last post, I wrote about the oddity of preludes. In a linear world, you expect the story to cam in chronological order. My mind laughs a the linear aspects of time. Memories bring all thoughts to the present and you can use those thoughts on the past to predict the future. One thing I’ve learned is a book never finishes for me. I woke up with an idea for a line to install in the first chapter.

If I’m still living ten years from now, I suspect ideas will still pop into my head. Feedback from readers would probably inspire changes. The electronic format makes the  concept of further editions; even more, feasible. I don’t have a true first edition until I publish, but I consider the book—sort of finished. I’m just not sure if I will ever move past the ‘sort of finished’ mindset.


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