Tits and Orphans


Catholic Bishops in the Philippines are riled up about Madonna’s visit to an orphanage. Madonna has stirred up her former religion before. Papa Don’t Preach was directed at Pope John Paul. I wrote a Tits For a Cause post and that is what I believe. If Madonna cheered up some kids; let her be. Madonna’s antics reminded me of some things I read about Bettie Page.

Bettie Page lived in a Protestant orphanage and she later worked for Billy Graham, without a hint of scandal. Page was a Christian with no shame about her use of sexuality. Protestants come in many shapes. Politicians favored Graham but he was not the leader of all Protestants. Graham shows a fist in the picture above, but Catholics hold a tighter fist on sex issues. Read about Pre-Code Hollywood and you will see who caused the cover-up.

Both Madonna and Page lived in Florida, a while. Page interests me more. I use icons of Florida in my writing and my next novel may work partially in Page’s era. One of my fictional characters will intersect with Page and many other figures in the Miami area. Madonna may get some consideration, but no plans for now.


Elitist Attacks On Whites

You don’t need to attack whites to prove you understand the Black perspective. When I saw the attacks on Whites on a literary agent’s twitter account; it aggravated me because this was obvious elitist behavior. You have little choice in your gender and while you have little choice in the genetics of ethnicity—the perception is more complicated.

Anyone with linguistic knowledge and surmise my ancestor was Native American with Spanish links and I have my grandfather’s hate of his Native American grandmother to give me proof. Another great-grandmother had a Spanish surname which you can find my family in history books pertaining to Florida. Am I Hispanic, Native American or a generic White? My ancestor was married to a Black woman and even though I come from the White wife does not mean I’m 100% White. Untraceable ancestors may be untraceable due to racial reasons because that is the way things work.

When I saw the twitter feed belonging to Amy Boggs, a Literary agent working for Donald Maass Literary Agency, I noticed needless attacks on Whites. Many writers have financial problems and agents need to grade the market value of the work. Agents know gender and race play in a role in what sales; you also have a niche for every possible configuration of human being. An agent should not attack a group of people base on gender or race because there is a market for most everything–if sold properly.

My book satires the divide between feminist groups and this my make it difficult to sell to narrow minded feminists. Educated feminists know about the divide, but many other activist fail to fully examine perspectives.  Activists need to make a clear message or they fail as activists. Feminists garble their message due the divide between 2nd and 3rd wave movements.

Gender and race often create a divide in perspective.  Cops are not perfect and that created the “Black Lives Matter” campaign. People who prefer the, “All Lives Matter’ message–look at the perspective of the police and the difficulty of certain situations. I see multiple perspectives on most things and that is why I call myself a misanthrope. People suck and it has little to do with gender or race.

I apparently come from groups that were discriminated in the past and now lucky me, Black is the new White. Just look at these outtakes from an elitist literary agent:

How a Bunch of White People Screwed Up Jesse Owens’ Story in ‘Race’ http://flavorwire.com/561818/how-a-bunch-of-white-people-screwed-up-jesse-owens-story-in-race … Retweet  Amy Boggs ‏@notjustanyboggs

Q1: Fantasy. Complains about query process; doesn’t include pages. White savior narrative. Pass. #querylunch

Amy Boggs Retweeted

Kayla Whaley ‏@PunkinOnWheels  Feb 19

4 Ways White People Can Process Their Emotions Without Bringing the White Tears http://everydayfeminism.com/2016/02/white-people-emotions-tears/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=SocialWarfare …  via @evrydayfeminism

A Humanist Boycott of Donald Maass

The literary agent addressed in this post is no longer a literary agent, but she still bashes straight White guys. I’m not just White but have been harassed for being White–multiple times.

I was just doing my research for the purpose of querying and got a vibe. A racist and sexist vibe. After a short survey of the twitter feed belonging to Amy Boggs of the Donald Maass Literary Agency—I found the snippets below but first think on a few things. J.K. Rowling’s hero, Harry Potter, fits the White savior mold and if she rejected someone’s book for that reason—she’s a bad literary agent. Reading one of these would not bug me, but after three; I processed my emotions quite well and they were rage without tears. No, I was not rejected by the agency; why send a query to someone like this?

How a Bunch of White People Screwed Up Jesse Owens’ Story in ‘Race’ http://flavorwire.com/561818/how-a-bunch-of-white-people-screwed-up-jesse-owens-story-in-raceAmy Boggs ‏@notjustanyboggs

Q1: Fantasy. Complains about query process; doesn’t include pages. White savior narrative. Pass. #querylunch

Amy Boggs Retweeted

Kayla Whaley ‏@PunkinOnWheels  Feb 19

4 Ways White People Can Process Their Emotions Without Bringing the White Tears http://everydayfeminism.com/2016/02/white-people-emotions-tears/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=SocialWarfare …  via @evrydayfeminism

Donal Maass has authored several books on writing, but I suggest a boycott of his books and literary agency until he addresses this matter. I don care if I get black-listed by literary agencies—I see something wrong with her attitude and they did not respond timely to my email, so I put it here. Maybe J.k. Rowling will take a stand. Racism and sexism are not one-way streets.

White Males Suck

I was researching a literary agent and browsed her twitter account and ‘white males suck’ is my general impression. Some of my posts are satirical, but I represent myself not an agency. My satire often comes with a reasoning for my view. I emailed the agency to let them decide what to do with her. She should feel happy that I’m not identifying her or the agency

I have a diverse ancestry, but most would see a white guy.

My book pokes fun at the polar opposite views of 2nd and 3rd wave feminists, but a cause should have a clear message. Calling yourself a Feminist without identifying your brand of Feminism—leaves an unclear message. Most literary agents are women any by the time you whittle down the male agents by genre you end up with a short list. I have two agents on my ‘feel good about’ list and want to practice the querying process on the ‘longer shots’ before sending those two my work.

The Making of a Mad-Dwarf

Lit teachers say a character needs to grow, but they can grow in many directions. My dwarf needs to descend. In the first novel, she is somewhat sociopathic, but this prequel needs to show life-changing episodes. I grew up on comic books and they specialize in origin stories. Superheroes often have adopted parents and often provides a “love from a stranger’ overtone. A mother-daughter drama will probably the way I go because a lack of love from someone you expect to love you—is unsettling.

I place one incident in the first book; it could cause a ‘my mother is a whore’ syndrome. A resentment of a parent’s escapades may work well. Peter Dinklage does a great, “I’m a freak, take a look’ moment, in his movie—The Station Agent and I may ode that scene. How evil, I get is the big question. Using the word ‘freak’ is uncomfortable, but even a blind man can see—he is not normal. And speaking of blind men, I need to make sure Ray Charles gets alluded to in one of my books. My blog was supposed to track my allusions, but it is difficult to keep yourself from burning out when re-reading your own stuff.

An Oedipus relationship with the father seems kind of creepy, but I know what happens when he remarries, so I may know that is the way to go. I didn’t describe the step-mother in the first book but I see; now, that she should be leggy. Big Al recruits her cult members in this novel, but he order of recruitment will probably shape out as I write. Some have already been introduced.

A sorority initiation incident seems logical, but I can hear the cries of misogyny already. The cult is a fertility cult, so a Bacchanalia or a Floralia needs to take place. I may do both. A circus scene is another idea. I don’t give a name to the college in the first book and I’m not sure if someone will get upset if I use their college. Sarasota is a great location, so New College of Florida and Ringling College of Art & Design are possibilities. I may use several colleges because the sorority can appear anywhere in my fictional universe. FSU has an interesting history because of the gender separation—opportunity for a flashback scene, I think that research will become a post.

in Sarasota

Open Your Bibles

The difference between Protestants and Catholics is in these three words. Go to a Protestant church and you will probably hear these three words, ‘open your bibles; Catholics take a different approach, they consider a recitation of Latin verse–a sacred thing; even though, Hebrew was the language of Christ.

The worst salesman of the year award goes to Pope Francis by telling the Mexican Youth, “Jesus does not want you to grow up to be a hit man.” The Pope’s words come off stupid for various reasons. An Atheist can make this rather obvious ethical point; Protestants and Jews know the Ten Commandments handle the matter. Implying the Mexican youth inspire to be mobsters does not inspire tourism or an acceptance of Mexican migrants.

I’m agnostic now, but I grew up in a Baptist church and never heard a political message or any preaching against another group; Catholics have pamphlets telling them how a serious Catholic votes. It is no surprise that Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press caused a religious split. Most Protestants use the bible as a constitution; in which, all have in their home. Catholic leaders preferred control and were very late and reluctant to offer a bible translation.

Many Protestants vote for their leaders while Catholics leaders are assigned by their management system. Democracy developed from the Scottish clan system and religions based on the Scottish Church. Many Native Americans used a clan system, too, but American democracy came from the religion in Scotland and a bit of secular French Philosophy.

My novel involved a lot of research and I see why my ancestors split from the Catholic Church. The research about the Inquisition and the fact the Vatican’s management system never changes makes me question their power in the world. Most Protestants hide from Jehovah Witnesses because they are intrusive and the, ‘my version is better than yours’ is irritating. Protestants are not a consolidated group and this with out a doubt the reason that Supreme Court has no Protestants, in a formerly Protestant country and you don’t find many in the political media. Catholics are bigots, so I don’t feel bad about this post or any other post criticizing Catholic bureaucracy. I don’t care if it affects book sales and what literary agents may think.

Catholicism is bad for society; it shaped Mexico and Spain can’t afford to help them even though the Catholic Conquistadors took boatloads of gold from a once wealthy country. I’m sorry if I find the Pope’s words laughable, even though I do feel sorry for what Catholicism has done to Mexico. I’m not sure if Mexico is as bad as the Pope made it sound, but why would anyone listen to a Catholic leader, given these circumstances.

The Bene Gesserit in the World of Today

The spice in Frank Herbert’s Dune is a genetic memory drug, so I created my own witch cult with Dune’s Bene Gesserit, in mind. The drug is the only Sci-Fi thing in my novel and technically it is not much different from what Shamans, all around the world, have done for centuries.

My cult is much crazier because the Feminists of today’s world have radically different views from each other. My Feminist theme was somewhat accidental because the Bene Gesserit act as backseat drivers, in the Dune universe. The cult is very powerful and secretive.

The title of this post could fit the High Concept category in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy world and I wish I fit the High Concept category, but I use more than one concept. If you want to sell books, you should consider your sales pitch before writing the book because it may save you some future agony.

My main character is a hapless version of Paul Atreides, but when you consider Atreides eventually turned into a worm, my character may be less hapless. Herbert took the name Atreides from the cursed House of Atreus, in Greek Mythology.  I consider the family in my novel cursed because the come from a Romeo and Juliet background which was inspired by own diverse ancestry. I may barely fit in the Comic Fantasy genre because of the genetic memory drug.

A Main Character Designed For Rejection

High Concept is a literary term used by some agents and to fit this genre, you should create the hook for pitching your novel or screenplay before you begin the actual writing. Commercial and High Concept are similar because High Concept is designed to sell.

I did not design my work to sell, so the pitching to agents is more difficult, even though it does have commercial aspects. Women are given reason to hate the main character; he is designed for rejection. Most literary agents are women, so I have a problem. The pitch that I came up with today needs work and only captures a few elements, but it does address why my main character is designed for rejection.

Kal sees women as sex objects. Let’s kidnap him and make him pay. Freaks need love, too. F-me, F-me please, make me your–it. Women be crazy, I mean really crazy.

This hook has problems, but it may explain why I call my novel She-it. The term ‘it’ threads the ‘freak’ topic and the ‘sexual object’ topic. The agents talk about  “book club’ novels and my novel explores a Feminist issue.

If you look up third-wave Feminism, on Wikipedia, you will find the topic of Riot Grrrl bands and one of the  bands listed is Jack Off Jill and they do the song, Cumdumpster. Some second-wave Feminists will probably yell, misogyny for my use of the word. Jack Off Jill fits my Feminist theme and my Florida theme, so I have reason to use the word. Technically, semen does go to waste in the female body, even in cases of impregnation. Many Feminists do not understand that other Feminists may say, ‘yeah, I’m a cumdumpster—so, what.’ Third-wave Feminists don’t find sex shameful, so offensive is difficult to diagnose.

I have legitimate reasons for what I do. Many agents will not understand, but I may have a small chance to get through this nightmarish process. I’m sorry, but ‘Women Be Crazy’ does cross mind when I look at Feminist issues and trying to figure out what a female literary agent may think is a dip into insanity. They don’t list their Feminist or sexual views. Feminists do not share the same view, as each other. When it comes to women, I don’t have a clue.

Wanting The Hit Man Wannabes

The news is always a great source of amusement. Pope Francis basically calls the Mexican youth—Hit Man wannabes then says countries need to open the doors to these apparent mobsters. Trump gave me a laugh when pointed out the walls to Vatican City—what is it? Protection from the Roman Catholics of Rome?

I don’t know if the Pope’s description of the Mexican youth is accurate because I only know what I hear on the news, but Roman Catholicism shaped Mexico. Top down management systems do not work and this is how Roman Catholicism operates.

Trump is bombastic, so I don’t know how serious to take him. He’s obviously not stupid. neutral is how I stand because this is partisan banter on both sides. Politicians just want votes, so they will always sell to the largest religious group. We will probably be down to Catholics and Muslims before long, all the small groups will be ignored. Which butt will you kiss?

This a quote from Reuters by PHILIP PULLELLA AND CHRISTINE MURRAY  and you have to wonder about the Pope’s choice in words if the hit man wannabes isn’t what he was thinking:

Saying Jesus would never ask them to be “hit men”, Pope Francis begged young people in Mexico’s gang-infested heartland on Tuesday to shun the lure of easy money and big cars offered by drug traffickers