My novel takes on the complexity of Feminism and many may see misogyny, but it is a necessary element. I received my first rejection from an agent—a female agent. It is a shame that I don’t know specifics for the rejection. If an agent rejects my novel for the misogynistic aspects; it is close minded. My second chapter uses titles from Christina Aguilera songs which contain sexual suggestion and I added stronger suggestions. The most offensive word in my novel comes from the title of a song by a female singer.

I’ve only sent out two queries to test the process before I send more. You seem to get one shot per agent, so I see a reason to be methodical. I didn’t send anything to the agents most likely to prefer my work because I need the practice and see if I get any useful feedback.

The cult members in my novel are in many ways Feminist agents, so there is some irony.


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