If you get hold of a time machine; I suggest you jump to this wedding anniversary at Eddies Hut. Many who study such stuff will recognize many names. Eddies Hut is the reason why Gibsonton became home to the sideshow exhibitionists. Eddie Lemay, the owner of the hut, had a good day fishing on the Alafia and decided to open up a restaurant nearby. He and his wife lived and worked in the sideshow world.

Beauty and the freak go together as you can see in the first sentence; it wasn’t just the sideshows that the anniversary couple operated; they ran girly shows too. I used the beauty and the freak concept in my first novel; my next will use them both, too. I started writing but I started rethinking my timeline. If I stay my present course may use this time period as a flashback, but beginning with this period and doing a time jump. I may not know the time, bit I know the place. Eddies Hut needs to stage an event.

The article came from the link below; the Billboard ran articles and advertisements for the carnival industry.

Billboard – Nov 30, 1946 – Google Books Result


Vol. 58, No. 48 – ‎Magazine


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