My Granddad hated his grandmother; she was that old Injun. He didn’t embrace his Native American heritage because of it. Peter Matthiessen modeled his mixed race family in Shadow Country (the re-edited version of the Killing Mr.Watson Trilogy) after my granddad’s cousin’ branch of the family. Matthiessen did a masterful description of the race issue of my family; he could have been in the room when my cousin teased my granddad about the kinky hair trait in my family; my granddad’s thoughts on blacks was similar to his thoughts on Injuns; even, though he was one-quarter breed.

My granddad’s father was a drunk half-breed; which, fits the Injun who can’t handle alcohol profile and he dumped his kid’s on his mother after his wife died. My granddad was about thirteen when he ran away from that old Injun. I don’t know if my granddad had a valid reason for hating his grandmother and I don’t know her side. Just getting stuck with a bunch of kids in her old age may have been enough reason for her to be rather cantankerous.

The reason I’m writing this post was because someone I follow used the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism and ignorance, in a post yesterday.

Yes, there are racists in the South, but there are racists in the North. There are Black racists, too. Stereotyping the South is just as wrong as stereotyping everyone else. My mixed race family on my mother’s side showed some racism but my dad’s side wasn’t a bit racist. Zora Neale Hurston preferred the South to the North; if you read her Pet Nigger article; you will see what I’m saying is true. Racism is both simple and complex; it occurs on both sides of the Mason-Dixon. Many Dominicans don’t care for the Haitians, who share the same island.

The other reason I’m writing this post is because I may use my great, great, grandmother in my next novel. She will be the old Injun. It will be a fictional representation. I don’t know why Matthiessen said we are Osceola’s kin. We are not kin to him, as far as I know. I come from a Spanish Injun line. The Seminoles are just a bunch of foreign invaders compared to my line and if you don’t know the Seminoles hated and wiped out my tribal line. My ancestor had a Spanish Indian name, so I’m relatively certain I come from a native tribe; the Seminoles came from tribes to the north and hated the Spanish and their native allies. It is probable Cowkeeper (Ahaya) sent his sons to kill my Spaniard ancestor. King Payne and Bowlegs decided the Spaniard was cool and refused to kill him. I can’t say for sure that the Spaniard was my ancestor, but it is highly likely.

Spelling it as Injun separates our natives from the Indians of the India and I think it was the phrase ny grandad used; he a speech issue which made it hard for me to understand even when he wasn’t upset and  talking about his grandmother upset him.


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