The news is always a great source of amusement. Pope Francis basically calls the Mexican youth—Hit Man wannabes then says countries need to open the doors to these apparent mobsters. Trump gave me a laugh when pointed out the walls to Vatican City—what is it? Protection from the Roman Catholics of Rome?

I don’t know if the Pope’s description of the Mexican youth is accurate because I only know what I hear on the news, but Roman Catholicism shaped Mexico. Top down management systems do not work and this is how Roman Catholicism operates.

Trump is bombastic, so I don’t know how serious to take him. He’s obviously not stupid. neutral is how I stand because this is partisan banter on both sides. Politicians just want votes, so they will always sell to the largest religious group. We will probably be down to Catholics and Muslims before long, all the small groups will be ignored. Which butt will you kiss?

This a quote from Reuters by PHILIP PULLELLA AND CHRISTINE MURRAY  and you have to wonder about the Pope’s choice in words if the hit man wannabes isn’t what he was thinking:

Saying Jesus would never ask them to be “hit men”, Pope Francis begged young people in Mexico’s gang-infested heartland on Tuesday to shun the lure of easy money and big cars offered by drug traffickers

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