High Concept is a literary term used by some agents and to fit this genre, you should create the hook for pitching your novel or screenplay before you begin the actual writing. Commercial and High Concept are similar because High Concept is designed to sell.

I did not design my work to sell, so the pitching to agents is more difficult, even though it does have commercial aspects. Women are given reason to hate the main character; he is designed for rejection. Most literary agents are women, so I have a problem. The pitch that I came up with today needs work and only captures a few elements, but it does address why my main character is designed for rejection.

Kal sees women as sex objects. Let’s kidnap him and make him pay. Freaks need love, too. F-me, F-me please, make me your–it. Women be crazy, I mean really crazy.

This hook has problems, but it may explain why I call my novel She-it. The term ‘it’ threads the ‘freak’ topic and the ‘sexual object’ topic. The agents talk about  “book club’ novels and my novel explores a Feminist issue.

If you look up third-wave Feminism, on Wikipedia, you will find the topic of Riot Grrrl bands and one of the  bands listed is Jack Off Jill and they do the song, Cumdumpster. Some second-wave Feminists will probably yell, misogyny for my use of the word. Jack Off Jill fits my Feminist theme and my Florida theme, so I have reason to use the word. Technically, semen does go to waste in the female body, even in cases of impregnation. Many Feminists do not understand that other Feminists may say, ‘yeah, I’m a cumdumpster—so, what.’ Third-wave Feminists don’t find sex shameful, so offensive is difficult to diagnose.

I have legitimate reasons for what I do. Many agents will not understand, but I may have a small chance to get through this nightmarish process. I’m sorry, but ‘Women Be Crazy’ does cross mind when I look at Feminist issues and trying to figure out what a female literary agent may think is a dip into insanity. They don’t list their Feminist or sexual views. Feminists do not share the same view, as each other. When it comes to women, I don’t have a clue.


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