The spice in Frank Herbert’s Dune is a genetic memory drug, so I created my own witch cult with Dune’s Bene Gesserit, in mind. The drug is the only Sci-Fi thing in my novel and technically it is not much different from what Shamans, all around the world, have done for centuries.

My cult is much crazier because the Feminists of today’s world have radically different views from each other. My Feminist theme was somewhat accidental because the Bene Gesserit act as backseat drivers, in the Dune universe. The cult is very powerful and secretive.

The title of this post could fit the High Concept category in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy world and I wish I fit the High Concept category, but I use more than one concept. If you want to sell books, you should consider your sales pitch before writing the book because it may save you some future agony.

My main character is a hapless version of Paul Atreides, but when you consider Atreides eventually turned into a worm, my character may be less hapless. Herbert took the name Atreides from the cursed House of Atreus, in Greek Mythology.  I consider the family in my novel cursed because the come from a Romeo and Juliet background which was inspired by own diverse ancestry. I may barely fit in the Comic Fantasy genre because of the genetic memory drug.


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