The difference between Protestants and Catholics is in these three words. Go to a Protestant church and you will probably hear these three words, ‘open your bibles; Catholics take a different approach, they consider a recitation of Latin verse–a sacred thing; even though, Hebrew was the language of Christ.

The worst salesman of the year award goes to Pope Francis by telling the Mexican Youth, “Jesus does not want you to grow up to be a hit man.” The Pope’s words come off stupid for various reasons. An Atheist can make this rather obvious ethical point; Protestants and Jews know the Ten Commandments handle the matter. Implying the Mexican youth inspire to be mobsters does not inspire tourism or an acceptance of Mexican migrants.

I’m agnostic now, but I grew up in a Baptist church and never heard a political message or any preaching against another group; Catholics have pamphlets telling them how a serious Catholic votes. It is no surprise that Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press caused a religious split. Most Protestants use the bible as a constitution; in which, all have in their home. Catholic leaders preferred control and were very late and reluctant to offer a bible translation.

Many Protestants vote for their leaders while Catholics leaders are assigned by their management system. Democracy developed from the Scottish clan system and religions based on the Scottish Church. Many Native Americans used a clan system, too, but American democracy came from the religion in Scotland and a bit of secular French Philosophy.

My novel involved a lot of research and I see why my ancestors split from the Catholic Church. The research about the Inquisition and the fact the Vatican’s management system never changes makes me question their power in the world. Most Protestants hide from Jehovah Witnesses because they are intrusive and the, ‘my version is better than yours’ is irritating. Protestants are not a consolidated group and this with out a doubt the reason that Supreme Court has no Protestants, in a formerly Protestant country and you don’t find many in the political media. Catholics are bigots, so I don’t feel bad about this post or any other post criticizing Catholic bureaucracy. I don’t care if it affects book sales and what literary agents may think.

Catholicism is bad for society; it shaped Mexico and Spain can’t afford to help them even though the Catholic Conquistadors took boatloads of gold from a once wealthy country. I’m sorry if I find the Pope’s words laughable, even though I do feel sorry for what Catholicism has done to Mexico. I’m not sure if Mexico is as bad as the Pope made it sound, but why would anyone listen to a Catholic leader, given these circumstances.


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