I was researching a literary agent and browsed her twitter account and ‘white males suck’ is my general impression. Some of my posts are satirical, but I represent myself not an agency. My satire often comes with a reasoning for my view. I emailed the agency to let them decide what to do with her. She should feel happy that I’m not identifying her or the agency

I have a diverse ancestry, but most would see a white guy.

My book pokes fun at the polar opposite views of 2nd and 3rd wave feminists, but a cause should have a clear message. Calling yourself a Feminist without identifying your brand of Feminism—leaves an unclear message. Most literary agents are women any by the time you whittle down the male agents by genre you end up with a short list. I have two agents on my ‘feel good about’ list and want to practice the querying process on the ‘longer shots’ before sending those two my work.


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