The literary agent addressed in this post is no longer a literary agent, but she still bashes straight White guys. I’m not just White but have been harassed for being White–multiple times.

I was just doing my research for the purpose of querying and got a vibe. A racist and sexist vibe. After a short survey of the twitter feed belonging to Amy Boggs of the Donald Maass Literary Agency—I found the snippets below but first think on a few things. J.K. Rowling’s hero, Harry Potter, fits the White savior mold and if she rejected someone’s book for that reason—she’s a bad literary agent. Reading one of these would not bug me, but after three; I processed my emotions quite well and they were rage without tears. No, I was not rejected by the agency; why send a query to someone like this?

How a Bunch of White People Screwed Up Jesse Owens’ Story in ‘Race’ Boggs ‏@notjustanyboggs

Q1: Fantasy. Complains about query process; doesn’t include pages. White savior narrative. Pass. #querylunch

Amy Boggs Retweeted

Kayla Whaley ‏@PunkinOnWheels  Feb 19

4 Ways White People Can Process Their Emotions Without Bringing the White Tears …  via @evrydayfeminism

Donal Maass has authored several books on writing, but I suggest a boycott of his books and literary agency until he addresses this matter. I don care if I get black-listed by literary agencies—I see something wrong with her attitude and they did not respond timely to my email, so I put it here. Maybe J.k. Rowling will take a stand. Racism and sexism are not one-way streets.


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