Yes, the Woz loved Joybubbles. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is the Woz and Joybubbles is the first hacker; Josef Carl Engressia, Jr hacked phones. Perfect pitch, the superpower he got from being blind allowed him to whistle tones into a phone and make free phone calls. University of South Florida students benefited from Engressia’s talent.

I took the picture from a group of filmmakers who are working on a documentary. Gallagher, the prop comic went to USF at the same time as Joybubbles, so they may have a match interests. I allude to all things Florida, in my novels, so Gallagher and Joybubbles fit my interest.

Florida has the largest school for the blind, but Joybubbles never attended. His other superpower—intelligence–got him into USF. He missed the innocence of childhood and that explains his name and some of those items in the picture. Phone Phreaking is the name they used for this illegal phone activity.

The site for the documentary makers is and they have a kickstarter account for those interested.


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