Empress Anna of Russia may have been a monster who toyed with the disabled and the lower classes, but history is often difficult to decipher. Peter the Great created his Cabinet of Curiosities, the Kunstkamera, to understand what causes deformities; Anna, his niece, apparently just saw entertainment. Was she an ogre? I can’t say, but Empress Elizabeth and Catherine the Great come off mush better. You can’t say it was about her being a woman.

For my purpose, I would like to create a fictional character who flees Russia and ends up in Florida and melts into our circus freak history. It will probable be multi-generational because management of my timeline is often problematic. Empress Anne isn’t my missing link; I suspect the link will come through California or some part of Europe. The picture is kind of funny because she does look like Whorehouse Madame prepared for some whup-ass in the Wild West. The image came from her Wikipedia page.

George S. Stuart, sculptor, Peter d’Aprix, photographerhttp://www.galleryhistoricalfigures.com

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