Ranching requires acrobatics. Other animals gave man a few lessons, but bulls created an art form. Horses came next, the Cossacks, Gurians, and other tribes along the Eurasian steppes became the horse masters; their acrobatics came about for warfare reasons. Eventually these skills became circus and the rodeo related.

Ranching, in the US, began in Spanish Florida. The circus took a bit longer to reach us, but Florida probably is the circus capital of US. Moscow is probably the circus capital of the world and for that reason I have been researching Russian ties to Florida. The Spanish seem to keep their acrobatics tied to the bull. Florida still has ties to the bull, but the full circus act came when Ringling set up shop in Sarasota.

My first writing revolves around Florida, so I write about cows, the circus, and such. Spain played a big roll in Florida and Russia–not so much, but there is a connection. The two images above come from the Wikipedia page on bull leaping. The top one is a fresco found at a temple in Knosis; the bottom is ‘The Speed and Daring of Juanito Apiñani in the Ring of Madrid’ by Francisco de Goya.


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