Group portrait of the Florida State College girls basketball team 1903

She’s in a classic model pose and this is 1903 (FSU Basketball team. Did they know that pose back then? I suspect most people can pick out whish one I talking about without me telling the position, but I talking about the one on the front left. It isn’t a very flattering uniform, but she somehow pulled off a look.

If my facial recognition is working properly, her name is Sarah Spears; I had to use other pictures from the Florida Memory site because they only identified the basketball position.

Sexy must be a gene in the Spears family. There is a good looking librarian in a 1968 picture, with the same name. Spears isn’t a super common name, so she may be a distant relative to Britney Spears.

I was hoping to find something interesting, in an earlier time period and she happened to catch my eye then I notice the name. FSU has a secret society called the Burning Spear society and it just fitting that the Spears family goes to FSU. My novels use a secret society and I use Florida trivia; which, Britney falls into. Florida State should draft Britney; her name fits, so well.

  • There are 9 names but 11 girls in the photo. Order is uncertain. Fannie Manning, capt.; Bershe Meginnis, mgr.; Sarah Spears, r.g.; Louise McIntosh, f.; Mary Reynolds, l.g.; Bershe Meginnis, f.; Fannie Manning, c. Second team: Fannie Cooksey, capt.; Ada Hodge, mgr.; Ada Hodge, r.g.; Annie Brownell, l.g.; Lieland Davis, f.; Fannie Cooksey, c.

Group portrait of the Florida State College girls basketball team – Tallahassee, Florida.1903. Black & white photoprint. State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory. Accessed 12 Mar. 2016.<;.


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