Making Medicine (aka David Pendleton Oakerhater) wife Nahepo ( Smoking Woman aka Susie Anna Bent Oakerhater

Almost all modern Native American tribes have links to the Castillo De San Marcos in St. Augustine , Florida because many of the most prominent leaders were imprisoned there in the 1870’s. Orders from President Ulysses S. Grant sent them to the Castillo; which, was named Fort Marion at the time (you can’t blame the South on that one).

I show Making Medicine (aka David Pendleton Oakerhater) and his wife Nahepo (Smoking Woman aka Susie Anna Bent Oakerhater). His time at the Castillo made him an Episcopal Saint because a members of a church in New York met him there and sponsored his religious training. My interest is with his tribe the Cheyennes and I don’t expect to allude to him in my novel, but it was an interesting picture. I may have interest in other tribes imprisoned at the Castillo, but the Cheyennes fit my secret society motif.

Florida became a tourist destination in the 1870’s partly because of the Native Americans and partly because our state was the most exotic place you could go without leaving the US. The Spanish gave Florida a different style. Not all the prisoners ended up at the Castillo because of overcrowding, so Pensacola held Geronimo and others.

I need characters from the 1870’s time period for my fictional cult. My ancestor has a Spanish-Caddo name, but I’m not sure the Caddo were in Florida in the 1850’s. The Yamasee are related and they moved into Florida, so they may be my ancestors tribe; which, still makes me more native than a Seminole. Freaking foreigners, they came in and helped wipe out my tribe and claim my ancestors bones.

I saw the picture on other web-sites, but I will credit Oklahoma State University as the likely origin; they have a site dedicated to him.


2 thoughts on “Tribes of the Castillo

  1. Great photo. My third novel has the main character go to a perfectionist utopian society in the 1880’s. It so fun writing about how it all goes terribly wrong. I look forward to reading about your cult!


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