Grace Barnett Wing - Jo Ann Plug

Alluding to real people for trivia purpose gives me some concern. My fictional cult uses a sorority as a public face and it has layers of secrecy; which, follows the American rating system.

Jo Anne Phlug (right) was basically a PG actress who did a couple of R-rated films. Grace Slick (left) lived a more scandalous life. They both attended the University of Miami at the same time, or roughly the same time. My main character is currently researching the secret society within the university, so I need to make decisions on my allusions. I try to give some distance between the real person and fictional character; plus keep sight of the parental guidance rating of the individual.

Slick is far more iconic and her party girl personality helped make her that way. Phlug was Lieutenant Dish in the Mash movie, so her sex appeal was obvious. Different appetites for vice and fame. Hindsight makes it easy to see who I want in my cult; creating the distance between fiction and reality is up for debate.


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