Untitled-Woman with Peacock Martha Dewing Woodward-horz

Flagler created an art colony at St. Augustine, but like Flagler, art went south–and Martha Dewing Woodward beat him there. Woodward created the Blue Dome Fraternity, in the Catskill mountains; the Blue Dome meant under the sky, but sky-clad, as in nude, also applies. After a fire, she headed to Miami and founded the University of Miami’s art department.

I’m surprised no one has made a movie about her; a more lesbian version of Sirens. Hey, Portia and Ellen, if you take my idea—treat me right. Portia de Rossi, co-starred in Sirens; they could cameo the cast. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia cold play Woodward and her lover Louise Johnson.

I’m more involved with my own secret society. My main character is at the University of Miami doing research on the secret society and I need to decide about who links to who. Woodward makes a great leader for my most southern branch. I probably should consider Da Vinci coding Woodward’s artwork, but I doubt I have high enough definition or the eye to do the job. Symbolically. the Untitled – Woman with Peacock, works.

Forgot the credits – the two pictures come from Woodward’s page on Wikipedia which also states – used with permission of author, Alfred Frankel. I probably blew the legal stuff.