Xu Lai's autographed photo for Zhou Xuan, a younger star of the Bright Moon Troupe

Revolution brought the Communists to power, in many countries, but the way things come full circle makes the term ‘revolution’ a greatly apt word. One regime just takes the place of another. Revolution just changes who lives in excess and who dictates social norms.

I have a symbolic use of freaks, in my novels, because the freak deviates from the norm.  My freaks fight the dictated norm; they fight the regime. But they may just replace one regime with another.

The alliance between my freaks and the Feminist factions, in my novel, is probably confusing to anyone but me but I understand the fusion. Feminists want to bring about a new social norm and they may have succeeded, but it is just another regime. My freaks are equivalent to Eris, the goddess, threw the Apple of Discord during the Judgment of Paris; which, caused Athena to start the Trojan War.

The members of my fictional cult do not have a true side; they don’t care whether a matriarchy or a patriarchy rules; they will always fight against the ruling regime. If people cold see the lives of their ancestors; they would know they come from both the winning and losing side of the never-ending war.

Xu Lai (pictured above) went from the luxurious life of an actress to a jail cell because Chairman Mao’s wife wanted to cover up her own past. She died in prison. Xu Lai also acted as a spy; she’s an interesting woman, but my interest is in her picture. I use such pictures for my novel’s character database. The image came from her Wikipedia page.


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