Baile Andaluz_1893_José Villegas Cordero

The flamenco is a rustic dance with possible roots to the Cabeiri. Castanets are associated with the Satyrs and their parents—the Dactyls and the Hekaterides (children of Hecaterus) have links to the Cabeiri. Satyrs are rustic fertility deities. In ancient Rome, the flamen were priests of Jupiter (Zeus) and flamen also has associations to fire; while, the Cabeiri acted as guardians of Zeus and had links to fire. I may be jumping to conclusions by connecting the flamenco to the flamen and Cabeiri, but I write fiction and have more literary license than an academic.

Herakles is the thumb in Dactyl mythology and from Roman mythology Minerva gives Hercules brazen castanets to drive off the Stymphalian birds. Minerva is connected to fortune tellers as are the Gitano’s who have connection to the flamenco.

Baile Andaluz_(1893)  by José Villegas Cordero comes from Wikimedia


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