The idea for a labyrinth may have come from a spider’s web, but the Minotaur became the symbol of the labyrinth. The labyrinth symbolizes isolation; while, the web often stand for weaving together. On the left, I show a coin from Knossos—the theoretical location of the most famous labyrinth.

A labyrinth doesn’t need to be squared off, but the squared off look helps to separate it from the web symbol. I care about the symbols and the transformation from one to another. My fictional cult will undergo changes and I’m considering the shift from one symbol to the other as my symbol of change. Squaring off isn’t entirely accurate, but I consider it a functional description.

Both images came from Wikipedia, credits below:

Silver coin from Knossos representing the labyrinth, 400 BC.
Photo taken in September 2008 at the Archeologic Museum in Iraklio, Crete.
Author    AlMare

A very simple stylized spiders web. black and white outline.
Date    25 March 2005
Source    [1]
Author    tom


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