Gertrude Stein considered the masculine mind superior to the feminine and her connection to Earnest Hemingway puts her in the bull arena of my symbology. Les Ruches translates to ‘the beehives’ and  Dorothy Strachey Bussy’s book, Olivia, is based on the lesbian adventures that occurred at the author’s school—Les Ruches. The bees at Les Ruches have a different mindset than Stein; obviously one lesbian is not like the other and sometimes they don’t like each other. I suspect this was the case at the literary salons of Stein and Natalie Clifford Barney (one of the Les Ruches alumni).

My research into Les Ruches makes them a perfect fit for the feminist cult, in my novel. I sometimes wonder if their cult status is real; and not, fictional.  Dealing with real people, in this novel bugs me. The last novel used allusions for trivia purpose, but I need to check the date of deaths or provide greater distance, in this novel. Stein’s views and the reputation of Les Ruches is well documented, but I have no reason to believe Stein belonged to a group dedicated to the overthrow of man. Les Ruches obviously played some serious games, back in the old days.

The ‘bull’ normally represents strength; while, the ‘bee’ best represents matriarchy. My purpose is to identify factions. Djuna Barnes who has connections to Natalie Clifford Barney made her dislike for Stein, well-known, so the faction part has some truth to it. I’m sure I can’t say anything worse about Stein than what you can find on Wikipedia. My fictional cult connection may her more of a hero to some and I strongly doubt I will move the opinion on anyone else. I don’t even need to use her and I might not. My Les Ruches connection is more critical, but I doubt anyone can complain about their use—considering all that has been written about them.


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