• Identify the factions and their leaders
  • Find a cause to rally around
  • Win the pirate crown

My main character has to wear the crown before the end of this novel. Whether you want to rule the Mafia, the pirates, or whatever—the stages are similar. She needs to transform from an innocent to the sociopathic queen of the Cabeiri cult, before the end of this novel.  Elizabeth Swann, from Pirates of the Caribbean, offers a good parallel.

Disney borrowed much from China’s pirate queen, Ching Shih (Madame Ching), when they created the nine pirate lords. the pirate code, and most especially Mistress Ching. The top right image comes from Ching Shih’s Wikipedia page. Henry Morgan was another inspiration for the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ series.

I’ve roughed out my factions. Pirates rally together for gold–a share the risk—share the treasure scheme. My characters want to replace the ‘Old Guard’ and this cause compares to a Revolution. To win the crown, my character will have to draw blood; the question is how much. The difficulty comes from showing the reason they want to replace the Old Guard. Emotional trauma and ‘you did it–so why can’t I?’ — will need to play a role.


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