My doctor would have had me on two incompatible medications if I hadn’t caught it. Computers can be programmed to catch such stuff, but our completely incompetent medical system needs untrained people like me to catch medical errors. One of the President’s big goals was to fix the medical system, but he can’t even fix the VA; which, is fully under his control. Fire 75% of government workers because they are apparently they can’t even fix simple stuff. Sorry, I had to do a hate the quick post; these are sort of off topic but it is an about the author post.

The time I went in and told them I had a blood clot and got antibiotics for a skin infection–is a more laughable story. Eventually, I had surgery due to the blood clot. At least the surgeon apologized when the hospital screwed up and didn’t put me on coumadin like they were supposed, too. I can go on and on about our horrible medical system; which, the overpaid university Presidents have helped create. I vote Independent–Bush and Obama are in the same category ton me–bad.

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