I’m still fuming. Put Bush and Obama side by side; I’m not partisan. Only a true moron would not realize the only thing the military can do is make a point. Attacking a suspected country after 9/11 was justifiable, but you need to realize you have a limited timeframe that you do such an attack—the Bush idiocity.

Moron number two—Obama should have known some history and  realize Russia’s problem with Afghanistan and if the Soviets couldn’t wipe them out; then we were sure to have major and costly problems, so his moves in that region were moronic. Obama admitted his screw up on Libya, so I won’t pack on to how stupid he is.

When a Vet comes home he should keep his gun and take it with him when he goes to the doctor. I grew up believing doctors were the most honorable of people, but now that I’m grown up, I know they are just another monster. Like I said—Bring your guns home.

That was the most disturbing image that I had on file, it isn’t singling out a particular political party. I consider both parties a stupid and evil as the people who hung Elephant Mary; doctors fit the same classification. I never wanted to put up this picture, but it sprung into my mind. Let everyone burn. Once Nuke Waste–always Nuke Waste.