1420 Saint Wilgefortis_Graz_20121006

My interest in bearded ladies is partly explained by Saint Wilgefortis. The act of imagining yourself as Christ, apparently played a role in this image. An artistic flub; also, may have  entered the equation. For more info you can go to the Wikipedia page for Saint Wilgefortis, but you also need to check out the links to Devotio Moderna and ‘The Imitation of Christ’ by Thomas à Kempis.

Geert Groote founded Devotio Moderna. Groote also founded two other things; the Brethren of the Common Life and the Sisters of Common Life. I find some humor in making a feminist faction from the latter group; a man-hating group splintered from the philosophy of a man doing right by women–makes me almost smile; which is a miracle considering my mood over the last couple of days..

Wilgefortis.is a saint of a Catholic cult and not the Vatican ruled religion. Wikipedia’s gage for “Saint Solicitous” says a Grimm Fairytale links to Wilgefortis and it has been removed from the Grim collection, for this reason.

I considered calling this post “”’In Defense of Madonna’ considering her use of the crucifix, in her performances. Maybe she should consider wearing a beard, during a performance.

Imagining I’m Christ isn’t too hard, at this time, because I’m in a ‘cleansing of the Temple’ mood. Ideas for this and future post were made before I went into this state of mind, again, so this post can’t reliably track how my current emotional disturbance has affected my writing. The main character is definitely stuck in Gibsonton; at this time, and my anger will not let me focus enough to write the next scene.

Image from Wikimedia and has the following credits:

Description: Saint Wilgefortis in the Museum of the Diocese Graz-Seckau in Graz, Austria

Author: Gugganij 6 October 2012

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