Johnny Galecki_at_PaleyFest_2013-horz

When I saw the portrait of Helena Antonia Galeckha of Liège (1595) and the name; I immediately thought of Johnny Galecki because he dressed as a Hobbit (Frodo) in one episode of the CBS series, The Big Bang Theory—because Galekha is a dwarf, a bearded female dwarf. Think how much money she could have made; if she lived in the right time period and could handle being the living incarnation of Tolkien’s Dis—mother of Fili and Kili and the cousin of Thorin.

I’m going to have a tombstone,  in my present chapter, and will allude to Galecki and Galeckha because I enjoy inside jokes. The difficulty with writing fiction is that it is much slower than reading. You can’t guess my plans because I have little clue, about my plans. Gears in my head are tumbling but I have to wait for Fortuna to finish her spin.

If I write what I think I’m going to write—people need to realize there is no intent to insult, but the names apparently are associated with Galka which translates to ‘knob’. I will be translating further into an extinct language with limited choice, in words, but I have a symbolic idea which require merging three cultures into a handful of words. Of course, my love for inside jokes plays a role.


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