showmens Rest Gibsonton

This article may be in error, but it states a Showmen’s Rest once existed in Gibsonton. When I first saw the old Billboard Magazine in my search results; I didn’t realize the Billboard Music empire sprang from a carny magazine, but it did. A well-respected magazine says a Showmen’s Rest resides in Gibsonton, so like the roots of music—we may take it as gospel.

Since my roots are much older than the Florida’s Native Americans, I must hold the oldest secrets and yes I can call Seminoles a bunch of foreigners. Let the tribe try to prove different—they will LOSE. The Seminoles steal my ancestor’s bones.

In reality, I don’t know where the historical person from my novel is buried—but he belongs in Gibsonton, so my fictional cult will put him there. Even though it may be that I know the secret and it is held within my genes and my subconscious is spilling out those ancient secrets. Either way, his remains will lie in a secret location in Gibsonton. It will be marked with the quail of St. Thomas. You probably didn’t know about this bird symbol, but St. John has his eagle and Thomas has the much less majestic quail.