coffee of Atzoroff

Atzeroth is a lord of hell, right? Wrong, but the Bavarian name conjures up demons like Azazel and Astaroth. Madame Atzeroth fame comes from a distinctive home brew. She grew and brewed the first cup of American grown coffee.

My fictional cult brews up a different type of drug, but testing how coffee affects their brew seems a likely course of action. Madame Joe (Atzeroth), was buried at Fogartyville cemetery; which, doesn’t jive with my desires. She has such a great name that I I’ve decided to make a fictional sister-in-law  and place her in my cemetery.

The Atzeroths came from Bavaria which is where the Illuminati originate, so I added a few touches of allusions and mystery. My fictional sister-in-law could have married into the Atzeroth family, so she wouldn’t be considered a blood kin to the real Atzeroths. Trying to keep up with all my games is tough, so the posts help keep track of my character creation.