Celebration by Harry Crews-horz

When you belong to a fertility cult—you go to fire dances. My main character spent spring break at a cemetery, so she’s due for a change in scenery. Making my next scene revolve around a fire dance seems likely.

Fire dancing may originate from burning off the land for agricultural purpose. Fascination with fire migrated into ritual. Florida plants earlier than the Beltane Belt region, but Beltane’s high recognition makes May Day the choice for my fictional festival.

Personally, I consider the May Tree as in-line with the Yggdrasil (world tree mythology). Maypoles and fires likely have roots to Priapus and Hestia—the pole and the hole. Priapus, like the horn-dog that he is, sees a fire-in-the-hole and dutifully goes to put the hose to it. He claims a big rat—a jackass spoiled the moment and Hestia ran away.

Dedicating the festival to Zora Neale Hurston, seems likely. Hurston included what she called Hoodoo, in her anthropological studies. Calling my celebration the, ‘Zora Neale Hurston, HooDat Festival, seems appropriate. Anthropologists and linguists accept cultural variety in language and if you’ve read Hurston’s work; you know HooDat is a proper ode; which, includes an allusion to Hoodoo.

I used a Black Athena, in my original novel. Dark soil is fertile soil and I believe Black Athena represents fertile-virginal soil. Using my Black Athena, as a banter buddy, is a possibility, but I may expand her family.

Grace Jones plays ‘May Day’ in the 1985 Bond film, A View to a Kill; which, also provides some reason for my choice to celebrate May Day and go the Black Athena route.

Harry Crews’s novel, Celebration, revolves around the Maypole and May Tree tradition and I may make allusions to it. The movie, The Wicker Man, may get a few allusions, too.

I enhanced the pic to make up for the low resolution, but the pic, on the right, comes from Wikimedia and has the following credits. Cool pic.

Description: Fire dancers with a limbo pole in Saint Lucia

Date 19 November 2011

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joncallas/5500492901/sizes/z/in/photostream/

Author joncallas


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