My main character will test a genetic memory drug, on herself. Altered States by Paddy Chayefsky has a similar experiment, but I’m trying for a Frank Herbert Dune type experience; worms will even play a role. A fictional collection of clinical notes will record the experience. I hoped to find examples from another author, but one of the better examples came from real-life; when Dr. Albert Hofmann, a chemist at Sandoz Laboratories recorded his reaction to a small amount of LSD:

Last Friday … I had to interrupt my laboratory work in the middle of the afternoon and go home, because I was seized with a feeling of great restlessness and mild dizziness. At home, I lay down and sank into a not unpleasant delirium, which was characterized by extremely excited fantasies. In a semiconscious state, with my eyes closed (I felt the daylight to be unpleasantly dazzling), fantastic visions of extraordinary realness and with an intense kaleidoscopic play of colors assaulted me.

Miscalculating what a small amount will do is the shared component between Hoffman’s story and mine. I’m may have my character dictate notes, so I can make note of her mental state when she’s not fully conscious. Hofmann’s use of indirect phrasing interests me and one episode needs to show this type of denial. His last line about the kaleidoscope of colors is worth rephrasing and maybe some form of his double denial.

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