IsaacNewton-1689Sir Godfrey Kneller-Monument of Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler in Prague, Czechia

My main character will take a genetic memory drug; which, will mind melt her with a scientist from another age. I wrote the chapter using Sir Isaac Newton, but I’m thinking about backtracking. Newton was a genius with a number of eccentricities, but I had a more humorous idea while making this post about my choice. I figured out how I can combine the magnificently eccentric Tycho Brahe and the sane genius of Johannes Kepler.

Brahe hired his own court jester, a dwarf named Jepp. Apparently Brahe lost his nose during a drunken sword fight and wore  metal nose and another story talks about his pet elk who got drunk and fell down a flight of stairs. I would prefer a more well-respected brain; which, brings me to Kepler who was an associate of Brahe. I have an idea to bring them even closer.

Most people with an interest in the space industry, know about Kepler. His mother was accused of being a witch, but there isn’t much eccentricity connected to him. My main character may prefer to connect with Kepler, but Brahe offers more laughs. This may affect my main character’s personality and I may need to make changes to my other novel, but I think the Kepler-Brahe combination will work well.