Peacocks belong to Hera, in Greek mythology. Hera associates with eyes; you see them in the peacock’s feathers and Hera is noted for having beautiful cow eyes. Zeus doesn’t get away with much, either, Hera is always watching.

The peacock will symbolize one faction in my novel. This is the primary faction that my main character needs to break. Obviously, peacocks are fashionable and cocky. I see reason to make the faction snoopy.and my main character may use this to her advantage. The drug has made her paranoid, so unknown snoops will bother her more than the known snoops.

In my original novel, I linked a character to Hera and she will become the step-mom of my prequel’s main character and they will battle over faction control.

Wikimedia credits: By Antigrandiose – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,