Giorgio Vasari The Mutilation of Uranus by Saturn (Cronus)

The Greek gods had generational wars. Very sick wars, as you can see in the Roman version above. The Mutilation of Uranus by Saturn (Cronus) by Giorgio Vasari. Feminists also have generational wars, the generations are just split into waves. Alice Walker and her daughter Rebecca are such an example.

I didn’t plan on a generational war, but when I began my prequel—my main character and her lieutenants needed to be around college age and the older generation would be more naturally in charge. A later draft will probably adjust the tension more; but for now, personality changes due to the drug drives the wedge between my main character and her mother. Hints about more cracks in the relationship may increase the novel’s tension.

Selecting a genetic line of parental overthrow may be a possibility. Jezebel’s daughter, Athalia, appears to have killed claimants to the throne, but I don’t believe any were her own children. Constance of Arles, third wife and queen consort of King Robert II of France, apparently went to war with her husband then her two sons. Written records about mother-daughter wars might be difficult to find in ancient times; since most written records come from patriarchal systems.


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