Force Retired Politicians To Use The VA

I’m still after Obama’s scalp. Leaders once shared the risk in battle. Make them share the risk in using the VA; it would force our worthless leaders to try to be less useless. Obama mumbled his empty words for Memorial Day and the VA will still be worthless tomorrow. This a non-partisan spit at our worthless leaders. I hate both political parties.


Floridiano Jones

Floriiano Jones

If I create a fictional archeologist I will probably allude to one, two or all three of these women, within the fictional name. All three lived in Florida, at one point, and all three made a name for themselves.

Agnes Milowka an Australian underwater photographer,author, maritime archaeologist, cave explorer, and technical diver. While living in Florida, she explored and laid line across a number of cave systems, the most significant of which was Mission Spring. She and James Toland made the connection between Peacock Springs and Baptizing Spring, Florida adding over 3,000 metres of passage. In her TV series, ‘Agnes Milowka Project,’ she used underwater cave footage shot by the Florida-born diver, Wes Skiles, for Karst Productions.

Milowka trained actors and worked as a stunt double for the James Cameron film Sanctum (2011). In 2011, she died after running out of air after needing to go solo in a South Australia cave.

SusanSueHendrickson (born December 2, 1949) is an American paleontologist. Hendrickson Vertebrate paleontologist. ,palaeontologist, marine archaeologist. She is best known for her discovery of “Sue,” the largest T. rex specimen ever found.

Ichthyologist Eugenie Clark, aka The Shark Lady, pioneered the field of Scuba diving for research purposes. After reading Clark’s book, Lady With a Spear, Anne and William H. Vanderbilt built the Cape Haze Marine Laboratory (now known as the Mote Marine Laboratory) for Clark.

Image came from Wikimedia  with credits below:

Description: Agnes Milowka, world renowned underwater cave diver and explorer, photo by James Axford, on 2010 at Melbourne Port Phillip Bay location

Source: Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Innotata using CommonsHelper.

Author: James Axford, Melbourne  Date: 2010

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Attending The Possum Festival

Wausau FL possum mnmt birdman

I’m not, but I suspect my main character will attend. Wausau is the possum capital of the world and they hold their Possum Festival in the first week in August. It means Big Al will need to head back to the Panhandle. What else can she visit on this second trip to the Panhandle? Another trip to FSU seems likely. The State Mental Hospital in Chattahoochee sis a possibility.

The Mission San Luis de Apalachee has historical significance, especially for me, but I’m not sure what reason I have to send my main character there. My ancestor could easily be from the Apalachee tribe because it would be where a Caddo word could mix with a Spanish affiliated tribe. That information works better for my last novel than this one. I could make a fictional archeological find. What would I want to find is my next question in need  of answer? A woodpecker works better for me than a possum, so I may go that way

Both images come from Wikimedia. You can see the monument if you go to the festival. The image on the right is based on a copper plate found in the Lake Jackson Mounds.

Description: Wausau, Florida: Possum monument
Date 5 November 2010
Source Own work Author Ebyabe

Description: A Mississippian culture S.E.C.C. design from a repoussé copper plate discovered at the Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park.
Date 19 October 2011
Source Own work Author Herb Roe

Fixing the purposeful false start

I knew more about the end of my prequel than I did about the beginning, so this novel began with a false start. You have to start a novel somewhere, but all circles begin with an erroneous starting point and revision has a linguistic link to revolution. When to revise—is the question. The muses have treated me well, but I went back and revised after the Muse stopped whispering in my ear.That first chapter has moved a quarter the way through the book and it will probably need a couple of more edits to get it up to snuff.

Oprah Winfrey Kills Black People

White people are homeless, too, but only Black lives matter. Oprah has become one of the richest people in the world through advertising and costs of advertising filters down to the product. In reality, Oprah is just a fraction of the money that goes into the advertising world. Many Hollywood Liberal act humanitarian, but their act is an act.

I saw a youtube video showing a jokester give a homeless guy a hundred bucks and the guy promptly went to a liquor store to buy food for other homeless people. Poor money management skill and a lack of vehicle probably sent him to buy overpriced food a liquor store, but a bunch of that money went into advertising and people like Winfrey. Is Winfrey just the new slave-owner?

How much money goes to advertising the electorates, even the new media acts as partisan advertising. If the candidates laid out their priorities and their plan to better the society on a website, we should be able to evaluate. If their site is jumbled then the candidate is a mess and if the candidate makes clear points we can evaluate without throwing money into advertising—we could actually use it for good. Advertising is about deception.

Liberals are without a doubt the bigger hypocrites. Financial reward should go to who best benefits society. Did Oprah provide enough benefits to society to garner mention among the richest people in the world? Many people don’t like Microsoft and Bill Gates, but anyone who doesn’t see his contribution to society as being much greater than a TV personality is nuts. You can replace Oprah’s name with Ellen or any other TV personality, but I use Oprah because her financial worth was up there with Gates.

Oprah inflates prices to common goods; which, people need to survive, do Oprah kills Black people and many others because of her inflated price tag, I used the word jokester for the mini-documentary maker because the events didn’t turn out like he expected, but I think he was expecting  a laugh.

Gaming the Factions of Florida

Assassin's Creed IV - Black Flag cover-horz

The two games have little in common, but they both use Florida as a setting. Fountain of Dreams may not have been a good game, but I doubt killer clowns killed enthusiasm for the game, as this quote on the Wikipedia page says:

In 1996, Computer Gaming World ranked it as the 41st worst game of all time, stating “Wasteland got stupid as killer clowns, a silly plot and fear of Disney ruined the sequel.”[10]

The Joker and Stephen King’s clown from, It, are popular and clowns do play a role in Florida. John Wayne Gacy even visited here and apparently raped a guy. Many people who come here are monsters, I’m more native.than a Seminole, so everyone else is just a trespassing monster. I can’t wait to hang Obama’s obnoxious elitist-scalp to my scalp collection, but I digress—clowns and other circus fold belong to Florida culture, we also have many serial killers; which, I can’t be because I’m just a native defending his land.

The Wikipedia quote also makes note of the fear of Disney, but how do you know when the conspiracy theories about Disney are right or wrong. Maybe the Mouseketeer Illuminati Society really exists. You can’t prove it doesn’t. I’m mostly interested in the factions of the game — three organized crime factions — the DeSoto Family, the Obeah Orders, the Bahia Mafia., plus the disorganized crime faction made from the deranged Killer Clowns.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is a higher rated game which revolves primarily around two factions; the Templars and the Pirates. You have other factions but they can be considered regional. I’m not sure if you can make an RPG without factions, but most have two primary factions.

I’ve decided to add a video game enterprise to my main character’s list of assets and I’m analyzing the games set in Florida. Like I said, the factions interest me. My novel will probably use the story within a story trick, but the encapsulated story will be a game story. How many games is undecided, but I’m suspecting multiple.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is a video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft.Release date: October 29, 2013

Fountain of Dreams

Developer(s) and Publisher(s): Electronic Arts[1]

Designer(s): Dave Albert, Banjo Bob Hardy

Platform(s) MS-DOS Release date(s) 1990

Genre(s) Role-playing video game Mode(s) Single-player

Hiding a fictional cult at USF

Gibsonton, the former homeland of Freaks, is where my main character lives and the  University of South Florida is the nearest large college in the area. The character’s mother is a professor at USF and others in the cult work. or attend the college as students. My cult has a preference for Circus folk, so Gibsonton is the Mecca. USF became a locale because of its size.

New College of Florida almost became the locale because some things about it amuse me, but hiding a cult in a large college is easier. I could have given the cult full control of a college to make a smaller college eligible, but I decided the large college idea was better. Bulls play a role in my mythology and bulls are the team mascots of USF.

My scene descriptions of the campus are rather generic and the larger campus makes generic more likely. Florida Southern  College has more interesting architecture, but that would make scenes less generic. My protagonist visits many campuses, but I’m not specifying the scenery unless a specific spot holds greater meaning.

In reality. the cult could exist and function at USF. The cult operates two sororities and supports many clubs, so it isn’t locked into this one college; I just needed a place of recent operation. The cult was more active at FSU in the early twentieth century. I may give each college a favored faction, but the factions will be everywhere.

No Homeland For You

Some people apparently get a homeland, others get pushed out. I’m an alien no matter where I go even though my family has been documented in Florida for centuries; they were here before, the Pilgrims set foot on Plymouth Rock. I always accepted the notion that others come here for a better life, but I’ve been harassed and discriminated against, in my homeland. I had a security clearance in the Navy and they have my fingerprints but apparently our government rather hire people straight off the book to handle sensitive documents and harass me. Yes, the Driver Licence dude harassed me.

Are Jews discriminated against? Mila Kunis came from the Ukraine and gets acting jobs as a little kid while my government is sending manufacturing jobs overseas to make it more difficult to find a bad job in my own homeland. Did Mila Kunis get her chance because of her Jewish heritage, while I’ve taken slave labor wages even though I have two degrees? Is she having more discrimination than me? No way. I’m Agnostic, so I don’t favor or disfavor a religion unless I consider a religion hostile. I’m a mutt, so I don’ t have strict ethnicity standards.

Something’s wrong—the Supreme Court should not be split by just Catholics and Jews. It just appears you are forced to join a faction to have any rights. I’ve never used a minority status to get a job, even though I’m part Native American and my ancestors came from Spain, which makes me just like a so-called Hispanic. I write about factions in my novel, but I’ve never considered myself part of any faction.

Obama was obviously a darling because his father came from Africa, but I’ve got people attacking my white-Naïve American ass. If Obama’s daughters suffered from sickle cell anemia it would be my blood the saves them; blood I’ve given for free. Apparently, my job was to protect Israel when I served in the Navy, but do the Jewish people care that they alienate me in my own homeland and I can’t get decent medical care even though smokers like Obama felt free to infect me with their filth?

Many Feminists like Amy Boggs of Maas Literary Agency openly attacks White males but was being a woman a shortcoming to her or Mila Kunis, while I get openly harassed in parking lots while just trying to get groceries. And I’m more native than a Seminole., Why shouldn’t I go on the attack?

Yes, I’m still on the warpath and I demand a few scalps. Kill a celebrity –not me. Give Bill Cosby a public hanging along with the people who obviously covered for him. Seeing a celebrity hang would be good for morale. Hang the next celebrity making millions of dollars talking about Feminism or anti-Semitism, I get crap just going to WalMart and I have an Obama ran Veteran’s Administration that only performs quackery. Hang a few politicians, too.

Zippy the Pinhead at the Billboard Music Awards


The article shown above shows a gathering of celebrities, comes from Billboard magazine. Zippy the Pinhead and Grace McDaniels Mule-faced woman were among the stars. This clip comes from the same magazine that gives you the Billboard Music Awards, but times and the stars have changed. The original freak shows gave some advantage to being disadvantaged. Now, most advantages go to the advantaged class.

Democracy and Capitalism have been bastardized by leftist hypocrisy promoted by Hollywood elites. Celebrities are over-rewarded to what they offer society. Yes, they should  get good money but Oprah didn’t bring enough to society to become one of the wealthiest people on the planet.

If terrorists are going to bomb America; they should pick the appropriate targets. ISIS hates us for the extreme liberalism and Hollywood promotes the extreme. Some may see my blog and novels as extreme, but fiction should be allowed to be extreme. Reality should not match dystopian fiction. Obama has taken us  further down a dangerous path. Read about societal collapse and you will see where America is going. Social change should not be enforced by elitist law. If Hollywood needs to realize they are elitists, in ivory towers, but towers crumble.

Zippy the Pinhead was born with a disorder and people were going to look, being in the freak show allowed him to be paid for the looks. Being among others of the freakish class made life more comfortable. Hollywood elites choose to be freaks and they should realize others are less fortunate.

From One Freak Show To Another


The Billboard Music Awards are on, so I want to pay homage to their history. Their origins are closely tied to Freak Shows. When I stumbled onto an article about a gathering of circus folk, in Gibsonton, I didn’t realize it was the origin of what became Billboard Music. They started charting the top playing records in jukeboxes and grew from there. They should do a commemoration show to their Freak Show origin. It is possible to do it tastefully and instructively.

I suspect my novel will have a mention of the magazine and the images come from Wikimedia.

File:Billboard01 FirstIssue.jpg

DescriptionBillboard01 FirstIssue.jpg en:Billboard first issue 1894 Date 1894 Source the actual magazine Author Billboard Magazine

(255 × 341 (43 KB)) – 18:37, 22 October 2015

File:Billboard03 1896.jpg

DescriptionBillboard03 1896.jpg en:Billboard xmas 1896 Date xmas 1896 Source the actual magazine Author Billboard Magazine

(255 × 341 (39 KB)) – 18:37, 22 October 2015