The Veteran’s Administration will not admit their wrongdoing they hide behind the bureaucracy. No one can say they are more native than me. This is my land and I declare the President and Congress as trespassers. If your doctors can’t act honorably and competently–then war, it must be.

I’m burning. They flat-out lied and I’m mad. One day they are going to push me past my limit. If they didn’t; do a 2mm+ biopsy which they didn’t — they had no right telling me I have melanoma. They didn’t follow the proper procedure in screening and failed to perform the biopsy properly.

This is my story:  My primary care told me I had a suspicious mole on my lower back and sent me to a surgeon who said there wasn’t one on my lower back. I began to walk out, he called me back. And stupidly I obeyed. He decided he wanted to take samples from three random spots and I know the one was random because he decided to biopsy a birthmark on my bicep the minute he saw me; you know how I know he made some opening small talk about whether I’ve ever torn my bicep. Maybe because my triceps are large for my size. I tried to tell him I had no interest in a biopsy on that spot, he went ahead. I guess I should have used the arms he was so fascinated with and punched his lights out.

During the same appointment, his assistant told me my cholesterol was bad two or three times, but my primary care told me my cholesterol was great. Once I told a doctor I had a blood clot and was given antibiotics for a skin infection, so I went to another doctor to get the correct answer–a blood clot, just like I said. So having another horrible appointment left me miffed, but held my temper. Then a letter comes telling me I have a cancerous lesion on my arm. When I was called to set to an appointment to remove what I consider a birthmark and I said I wasn’t interested; the diagnosis was then upped to melanoma, Now, I have a hard time believing a surgeon removing that birthmark will cure much of anything.

I went to a doctor at Osler medical and wanted a proper and independent biopsy, but she wouldn’t give it. She seemed to be defending the other doctor all through the appointment. If I’ need a true second biopsy to believe the VA has a clue of what they are doing; shouldn’t I be able to get one–apparently not. Then the Va called; which, led me to believe the Osler doctor communicated with the VA. The Osler doctor also said a mole on my upper back was suspicious, but the VA doctor says cutting off my birthmark will solve my problems. That was two years ago, but my primary care doctor keeps pestering about my birthmark. This is about trust, competency, and honor.

I’ve had other problems with doctors and they do my head damage. Writing this sucks , but I need to unload. This post may need editing because I’m upset, from another run-in. Need to go back to hiding in my book.

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