Goddesses in Everywoman Jean Shinoda Bolen

The war between archetypes is the other way to describe the war between Feminists. It is more than a beauty contest, as in the Judgment of Paris and even that beauty contest had deeper meaning; why else, would Athena show up.  Aphrodite is passionate, Athena is intellectual; the two fight for different things. When Feminists call themselves Feminist—it means nothing because the different factions say different things.

In Goddesses in Everywoman, Jean Shinoda Bolen divides the goddesses into archetypes. The point is that some women are geared to be mothers and others are geared for careers. Some can walk the line between, others don’t realize the drunkard walk they make. My position is female peers create more problem than men, but Feminists fail to recognize this problem.

Feminist factions play a role in my present novel and my desire to limit my number of characters has caused me to merge deities into one character. My factions will divide different Bolen’s archetypal structure because I focus more on the relation with men. Some lesbians have been known to be antagonistic toward men; others see themselves male minded. Some women live to entice; others accept the male-female parental roles.


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