The Veteran’s Administration wi8llln not learn, admit, or apologize for any mistakes, Most likely, high ranking officers control the VA. I call you dishonorable.I ask  whether my biopsy sample was properly performed and not one will confirm the results. You better be a legitimate heir of Pocohauntsu to say you are more native to American soil than me. This is my land and I want to defend it and the dishonorable actions  if the VA is a disgrace and any officer who wants to put his life against me in a battle of honor all you need to do is contact the VA they know who from Florida  has complained about this. Poor Obama his father, his dad want my land  takes benefits and steals from the native. Face me Obama, you dishonorable whelp. If you can’t fix the VA then you sure can’t fix the rest of the healthcare system, you incompetent oaf with Bush for brains. Bush was and is an idiiot, too.

Yeah, I’m fuming.

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