Obama doesn’t want diversity; he wants the two power grubbing religions on the Supreme court.  Two religions with centralized foreign identity. Yes, his last nominee was Jewish–not Indian, Protestant. Jews and Catholics own their own countries;while Protestant America believed in sharing. The non-sharers take power because ‘nice guys” finish last. I’m one of the most native people in America; I truly have every right to call Florida’s Native American tribes (the Seminoles and Miccosukees) foreign invaders, because I obviously come from an older tribe and documentation about my ancestors go back to before the Seminole tribe even existed.

My medical care in the US Navy was a joke; the VA is a joke; I can’t even get the VA to answer a simple question about my biopsy, but if your research the medical industry is dominated by Jews and Catholics. I helped defend Israel; while, in the Navy but I’m pushed out of my homeland. Union members called me scab even though I needed a job close to my mom who had problems. I just need a job, but Obama’s union supporting party calls me a scab; even though they come from somewhere else and I had no other home.

Feminists favor their own gender and don’t think twice about shades of gray. Some guy verbally attacked me at a Walmart where Whites are an obvious minority because I have social anxiety and my social cues often get read wrong I just wanted to buy groceries. A sheer racist attacking me for being white even though my Native American tribe predates the Seminoles. Read Portnoy’s Complaint by Philip Roth and see Jewish racism against me. Many statements by a Pope before the twentieth century was Anti-American and some still are, nut these two groups are the power players in the media and politics.

Liberal Hollywood rakes in the cash while advertising  which makes them rich drives up prices in the poor. Oprah feels discriminated against and I can’t get a simple question answered by the VA who without a doubt violated mt rights Yeah, I’m still fuming

I’m subject to hyperbole when my anxiety takes hold, but Obama deserves the bigot tag. The Pope’s faction is one of the largest in the world, so increasing their power is not in the world. Hitler was a Catholic. My premise is that everyone is the same, but territorial rights are supposed to be protected; not abused/ Obama abuses/ The large religions abuse. Protestants are individual religions, it is laughable to call the Episcopals and the Church of England — Protestant. Churches with state-run roots are closer to Catholic.

Everybody get your guns the monsters rule American politics


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