Many with Native American blood look White like me. I just wanted to get groceries  but was racially harassed. Obama jumped to the conclusion the police officer who arrested Harvard University professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr–was a racist. We all learned that wasn’t the case. Did Obama  ever see he jumped to a racist conclusion and admit racism goes both ways and every way? No.

As a Veteran, I was put in danger to protect the rights of Israels right to exist, but it seems I have no rights in my ancestral state. I apparent have the right to incompetent and unethical doctors and the right to be harassed because I have social anxiety and don’t alway follow normal social protocols. I’m still fuming. Obama should resign in disgrace because one of his primary goals was to fix the health care system but he failed to fix the VA when it is entirely under his control. Racism was his other issue, but he can’t even see and acknowledge his own racism. Black Harvard Professor or the police officer, who were the racists in that incident–Obama was one for sure.

Yeah, I’m at war. This isn’t siding with Republicans because i hate them, too. The VA has me so angry I can’t see straight. You shouldn’t;t drive someone smart enough to be a Nuke insane. Fix the VA.


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